Wow, I didn’t know someone could be going on yelling at someone for soooooo long. It’s still happening right now….

I live in this quiet neighbourhood. Across the little street there is an office building from a political party. All blinds are always shut, so I can never see in. But with this nice and warm weather now, the windows are open.

And apparently someone over there is not amused. Not at all. He keeps yelling and screaming in this deep and loud voice. No idea what he says but it sounds very angry. I would not want to be on the receiving side…

When it started I went on the balcony and found it somehow amusing. But after a few minutes, I didn’t find it amusing anymore. Now I find it more disturbing, because it’s still going on…

This reminds me so much of this book “Fear and Trembling” of Amélie Nothomb. She describes her work experience at a Japanese company in the 90ies. At the beginning of the book I had the same amused feeling and found it quite funny. But then it slowly changed to quite the nightmare. Read it and you will know what I mean.

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