Tokyo 2020

Finally! Finally, the games are on. And soon they will be history.

I’m not very involved with the Olympics. I’m not a big fan of sports in general and of watching it even less so. Don’t get me wrong. I like riding my bike, yoga, inline skating, skiing etc. I just don’t see the point in having to be better or faster than somebody else…

But of course, even I could not avoid the Olympics altogether…

Here’s some of my Tokyo 2020 encounters.

Playful encounter


That’s what a friend associated with this image while playing the card game “Dixit.

She won 3 tickets to different Olympic games in the lottery and cannot use the tickets now because no spectators are allowed…

Artsy encounter

Fleeting encounter

Yesterday I was sent a video, not this one, but a very similar one. Unfortunately, I looked at the message too late. So when I finally realised what it was about and looked out of the window, I only saw some fading blue stripe on the sky and people standing on their balconies and terraces looking into the sky…

What I missed was the ブルーインパルス (= Burū Inparusu) meaning “Blue Impulse” flying through the sky celebrating the start of Tokyo 2020.

Can you see the light blue stripe?

Plan changing encounter

More than a month ago, I was starting to plan a trip to the ocean with a friend. We decided to go to Enoshima. Enoshima is a small island just off the coast south of Tokyo and connected with a bridge with the mainland. To be on the safe side regarding the rainy season, we chose a date towards the end of July.

We chose well weather-wise. The rainy season is over. But…. we didn’t think of the Olympic games. Enoshima hosts the sailing competition….

So, next Monday, instead of going to the beach, we will go to Yamanakako, one of the 5 Fuji lakes. There we plan to do some SUP while enjoying the view of Mount Fuji. Sounds also nice :-)

Lonely encounter

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a social person and like to be around people. As you can imagine, it’s not very easy to meet new people during Corona times…. Fortunately there are digital helpers.

Accidentally, I also connected with someone working for an Olympic team. But then he realised that he won’t be allowed to leave his “bubble”. Now, I get the occasional photographic glimpse into the bubble.

Cancelled encounter

Leafing through the June edition of the Taito news, I found out that I pretty much live along the route of the Olympic torch relay. I was still pondering if I should go and watch it, when they announced that the whole torch relay in Tokyo would be cancelled. At least I could stop pondering…

Traffic restrictions due to the Olympic torch relay

Anecdotal encounter

One of my friends has lived many years in Germany. She’s back in Japan for about 10 years now but keeps working as a freelance translator from time to time. She also had a few assignments related to the Olympic games and spent several days on Olympic construction sites. So funny those culture clashes. Translating the words is just not enough sometimes… :-)

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