Sweet cheese’us

There’s not much I miss here in Japan food-wise. But I definitely and dearly miss crunchy breads and Swiss cheeses. Of course you can find bread and cheese here. Even crunchy bread and some Swiss cheeses. But the selection is very limited and the cheeses are of a somewhat standardised export-quality-taste. Nevertheless, yesterday I stumbled over a Gruyère and an Emmental cheese and I had to buy both, even though I don’t really like Emmental cheese when im Switzerland :-)

Having said that I’m missing crunchy breads and Swiss cheeses here in Japan, I already know that when I get back to Switzerland I will miss some of the Japanese bread and cheese creations. I love those soft buns made with sweet bean or sweet potato paste. And only recently I developed a taste for dessert cheese triangles. For a long time I only looked at them in the supermarket and always wondered how they tasted. I just couldn’t imagine that they would taste good. So, one day I took a leap, bought a package (I think it was vanilla) and tried it. And it was so yummy!!

Since then I buy them from time to time and I will definitely miss them in Switzerland :-)

And who knows, apparently QBB also sells those sweet cheeses overseas. Maybe I won’t need to miss them for long….

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