For a long time I thought I wouldn’t get my Corona shots in Japan. Not because I don’t have a Japanese passport. Just because it took them ages to approve vaccines and to start the vaccination program.

Then I read in the Taito City News which gets distributed regularly to all households that they would start sending out the vaccination coupons for adults under 65 years old from June 28. And really, on June 30 the envelope with the coupon was already delivered by mail!

Envelope in the mailbox with the vaccination coupon

The envelope contained the ticket, a pamphlet explaining the vaccination process and how to get an appointment, a sheet giving information about the two vaccines available (Moderna and Pfizer) and a form which I still have to find out if I should fill it in before the first appointment or if I can just take it with me…

Vaccination pamphlet – inner pages

Vaccination form

Already a few days before I read a post on Facebook in a Tokyo Expat group which referred to this vaccination website by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: A great side with information about the vaccines, the vaccination and a search engine to find places which offer the free vaccinations.

I’m quite impressed. The start may have been slow, but now it’s full steam ahead!

In Tokyo there is a 24 hour mass inoculation center run by the Japan Self Defense Forces and then there are many clinics and hospitals which offer the free vaccinations.

First I tried with the mass inoculation center. Online didn’t work because it somehow did not accept my vaccination code. Then I called the center but they didn’t have any time slots available. The lady asked me to call again in the evening. I didn’t want to wait. So, I went through the list of clinics in my neighbourhood and found one quite close with an easy online reservation system. I quickly booked two appointments. My first shot will now be mid-July, the second one at the beginning of August. Yay!!

If you’re interested how we get informed about Covid here in Japan. Have a look at those websites:

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

NHK Coronavirus Updates

Tokyo Covid 19 Information

Chiba Tourist Information

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