To stink or not to stink

When I came here last November I brought my own products such as shower soap, face and body cream and also some deodorant. With the products starting to be used up, I tried to find similar products here. Some, like Weleda or Kneipp are rather easy to be found and replaced. If you’re willing to pay triple price… Others I knew, I would not really find and I preventatively brought half a suitcase full. But that it could be such a challenge to find a deodorant, I really did not expect.

At home, deodorant is mostly either roll on, cream or spray. There’s many brands and even more different scents. You can choose between with or without aluminium, how long it’s supposed to work (24H, 48H, a week), if it’s against activity or stress related stress and so on. Most deodorants are meant for armpits. A few can be found against hand or food sweat.

That was kind of my world of deodorants before I came here.

Then, I tried to buy one. First challenge, were do you find them? Which shop? Not really in the supermarket like at home. Rather in drugstores. Then which aisle or shelf? In some shops the selection of deodorants is so amazingly small in comparison to their choice of creams, lotions, shampoos etc. that it took me several tours through the aisles before I spotted them.

My first purchase was 2 products because I couldn’t decide between a brand I knew (8×4) and a Japanese brand. The Japanese didn’t work and ended in the bin. The 8×4 somehow worked but smelled really strange. Next purchase 8×4 but different scent. Kind of OK but as I’m used to 48h-deos I was still disappointed. Next purchase another known brand (Nivea) and 2 Japanese ones. Nivea OK like 8×4, Japanese number 1 ended in the bin again, Japanese number 2 YESSSS!

I hope I’ll find it again in some shop when the time comes….!!

During my deodorant hunts I stumbled over many products which seem to have deodorising properties. Some make more sense to me, some less. Some I look at and ask myself how this product is applied. Maybe some day I’ll ask someone how Japanese people use deodorant :-)

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