I love ramen but I don’t eat it very often as you don’t really find many vegetarian ramen. Of course you can order it without the meat on top of it, but there’s still the soup. And despite having stopped eating meat more than 30 years ago, I wouldn’t mind eating the non-vegetarian soup. If I could get used to the taste…. But unfortunately the smell and taste is just too intense for me.

So, since November I have only eaten ramen four times. Once in this vegan restaurant in Tokyo train station. That was OK, but not really fantastic. Just very convenient because I knew I could order anything without having to ask complicated questions and receiving answers I didn’t really understand.

Then about a month ago, i went to a vegan-ramen-workshop. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cook ourselves. We just watched the chef preparing the ramen. But it was still interesting. She showed us the preparation of three different vegan soup bases. A light one, a very thick and creamy one and one somewhere inbetween.

Later, you might remember, I ate this yummy miso-sakekasu-ramen after the miso-making-workshop. That was my third ramen. Now it’s about two months since the workshop took place. The instructor told us that we could start taste our miso after about two months. So, we decided we would try to cook our own version of miso-sakekasu-ramen with our own miso and the sakekasu I bought at the sake brewery in Higashimurayama.

That’s how it went:

Very yummy my fourth ramen!!!!

PS: The pink sprinkles on top of the ramen are salmon flakes. You can buy them in supermarkets in different varieties. It’s a type of condiment or seasoning (furikake) used in Japanese cuisine.

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