Miso Miso…

Listen to the song below and you will also keep hearing it in your head: Miso miso….

“The song of homemade Miso” by Ogura Hiraku

I was introduced to this song at the start of a miso making workshop at Hakko Departement or as they say in Japanese “Hakkoudepatomento” (発酵デパートメント). The founder of Hakko Department, Ogura Hiraku and a colleague danced it for us and all other participants joined in. All but me. I was filming… :-)

And then, the song would play during the whole duration of the workshop. Miso miso….

Miso making is actually not that difficult. It’s something Japanese people do (or used to do…) with their children. And apparently, spring is miso making season. So, a friend I met when volunteering for Second Harvest Japan found out about workshops at Hakko Department and registered both of us for one at the end of March.

Here some pics from our miso making session.

It’s now about 6 weeks since the workshop. The jar is sitting nicely in a kitchen cupboard and from time to time a take a look. Out of curiosity, but also to check that there’s no mould growing. It gets slowly darker and the salt is dissolving into the paste. After about 2 months, we can start trying it for the first time. The longer you wait, the darker and stronger it gets. I’m really curious!!!!

After the miso making, we went to the Hakko department shop where they sell just any fermented food you can think of. By the way “hakko(u)” means ferment or fermentation. Of course :-)

And to conclude our Hakko adventure, we ate a yummy ramen soup made from a miso and sake kasu base. So yummy!!! Have you ever heard of sake kasu before? I haven’t. But now I know, it’s a by-product from sake production. Just too good to be wasted and thrown away.

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