Okusuri Techou

Recently, I participated at an online conference about digitalisation and the Swiss “Electronic Patient Dossier“. It seems there is still a long way to go. As usual, we strive for the perfect solution to which everyone can agree and till we get there, we have nothing… Well maybe not nothing, but you know what I mean…

I don’t know if they have an EPD here in Japan. I don’t think so from what I experienced going to a doctor here. But they have found an easy and practical way to document intake of prescription drugs.

When I went to the pharmacy with the prescription for my arm, they asked me if I had a drug diary. I didn’t really understand the question and said no but told them that I was keeping records of my migraines with an app.

The next time I went there, they asked me again. But this time they showed my a collection of little booklets and explained the following. Each time you get a prescribed drug you also get a sticker with your receipt. You paste this sticker into your booklet and whenever you go to a doctor or a pharmacy, you show them the booklet.

I guess this reduces the risk of adverse reactions between drugs you get prescribed from different doctors. And it also helps keeping track of your drug intake in general.

I kind of like it. And what I really love of course are the little booklets. I chose the one below. Cute, isn’t it?!

Front page of my Okusuri Techou
Back page
Pages to document your personal data
Pages to document your prescriptions
Pasted stickers

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