Wild trip

Arakawa is a river flowing through Tokyo. Although its name means “wild river” it’s not so wild anymore… At least not in Tokyo as its course has been corrected at the beginning of the last century to prevent repeated floodings.

Nowadays the shores of Arakawa river are a beautiful recreational zone. There’s many kilometers to walk, run or cycle, sports fields, golf fields, grasslands for having picnics or bird gazing.

Last Sunday I met with a friend at Adachi-Odai and we cycled up to Ukima and back. We started with blue sky and hot sunscreen weather, then came the clouds, then the wind, the rain and finally even hail… At some point we had to take shelter and wait out the worst of the rain. But eventually it cleared up again, we continued and the wind dried us off.

Towards the end of our ride we started looking out for yomogi (japanese mugwort). Yomogi is used to prepare kusa mochi (grass mochi) and give them their green colour.

Of course we ended up with more mochis than we could eat, even after an Arakawa bike tour. Luckily, they can be easily frozen. But because they are so yummy, there is already only one left… I will soon have to make a fresh batch.

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