No Easter in the east

I think I know now why Japanese do not celebrate Easter. It’s not because they do not have a Christian tradition or culture. They easily integrated other non traditional events into their calendar even though in a slightly different way than we are used to celebrate them in the west. At Christmas they love eating chicken, preferably from KFC. On Valentine’s Day it’s the men who get a present. But they have to return it 3-fold on March 14 :-). And of course there’s Halloween… But Easter is strangely absent. Sure, you can find some Easter egg shaped cookies or Easter decorations. But it does not seem to be a huge thing. Even though it’s not difficult to imagine how Japanese could get crazy about cute Easter bunnies. So why not? My theory is, that’s because Easter and Sakura happen around the same time. And Sakura is big, really BIG here. There’s just no room and need for Easter.

Sakura is not just the beautifully blooming trees, it’s hordes of people (yes, even during Corona times) going for walks under plum and cherry trees in parks, along rivers, on avenues. Everyone trying to take another best picture. Some just with their phones (like me) but many with large cameras and larger lenses. It’s also about having drinks or eating a picknick under a blooming tree. Even if you have to take a boat to find an available tree.

And because it’s so big and popular, Sakura can also be found in every shop. Below you can find a selection of my many Sakura pictures I took during the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Sakura coffees

Sakura drinks

Sakura foods

Sakura in the shops

Sakura for real

Sakura by night

Bye Bye Sakura

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