Wild milk

Growing up in milk country Switzerland, I thought I knew every type of milk. Like milk from different animals or plants. Although plant milks are not allowed to be called milks in Switzerland. Milk treated with different methods of preservation or none at all. Milk produced through different types of agriculture and animal feeds. Milk with different nutrient contents like more or less fat, more or less protein, reduced or removed lactose, added minerals and vitamins…. And then, I discovered WILD MILK.

What’s that?! Milk from wild cows? Years ago, I once saw a documentary about wild cows living in the forests of Eastern Europe. But no, the depiction on the leaflet clearly shows that this wild milk comes from Hokkaido, the northern main island of Japan.

I took one of the leaflets and that’s what I learned:

WILD MILK is milk from cows that are only fed grass. Fresh grass in summer, dried grass in winter. Because the cows are allowed to go outside in winter, they say that WILD MILK comes from the toughest cows in Japan… No grains are added to their feed. No pesticides or chemical fertilisers used to grow the grass. However, the milk does not have an organic certification. The milk is non-homogenised and has undergone a low-temperature sterilisation.

They advertise the unique flavour which changes with the seasons and sell the milk with a green label (= free-range grass feeding in summer) and a red label (= stored grass feeding in winter). I wonder about the shelf live of this milk as I saw both types on the shelf. It’s February and Hokkaido is snow covered….

Snow depth by Japan Meteorological Agency JMA

Well, WILD MILK ends up not being that special but it made me think about all the other cows. The not so tough cows. How they get fed. How often, if at all, they are allowed to go outside. But I don’t want to think about it too much at the moment. Otherwise my grocery shopping will get even more time-consuming…. Sorry!!!

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