Not yet in full bloom…

…but already making the front page of the newspaper “Japan News“. Side by side with the not ending stream of Covid-19 related news.

You can imagine, I wanted to see it for myself. Sumida Park and Sumida River Park are just a short bike ride from my place. It was Saturday and wonderful weather. The bike parking was crowded, Japanese families had set up their tents to spend the day in the park, children were running around, people were walking their dogs, couples went for a stroll, photo enthusiasts had set up their equipment to make the perfect shot. A perfectly normal weekend day.

Most trees were still bare of leaves or flowers. But not all of them!!

Along the walking paths all over the park there were these displays with information on the different types of plum or cherry tree varieties.

Many will blossom in April. I guess, Sumida River Park will be a popular and crowded place for Hanami. Hanami means “flower viewing” or “cherry flower viewing” and describes the practice to meet with family, friends or colleagues under a blossoming tree and enjoy the time with a picnic or just drinking and talking. There are even “cherry blossom forecasts”. You wouldn’t want to miss the full bloom :-)

LIVE JAPAN Cherry Blossom Forecast 2021
JapanToday Cherry Blossom Forecast 2021
TimeOut Cherry Blossom Forecast 2021

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