Sunday bike ride

On the first Sunday after the state of emergency has been called I thought it would be nice to go for a walk. As I have not visited the Imperial Palace East Garden for a long time – a very long time, almost 20 years – and the sun was shining, so that’s were I was headed to. From where I live, it takes about 15 leasurly minutes by bike. Arriving there, I was notified that the gardens were closed “in perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic” as they nicely put it. Well…. instead of enjoying a walk in the garden, I decided to ride around it. And I was not the only one. Though most people did not ride, most of them were walking or running. Some almost faster than me on the bike :-)

Here some impressions from my ride around the garden.

And the Do’s and Dont’s:

After the round, I checked the map and headed for another garden not too far away, the Hamarikyu Park. Also closed…. That was when I gave up on my idea to go for a walk and sit down somewhere in the sun and read my book. I just went on with my bike ride through the city.

People queuing for the cinema
I couldn’t believe it. Without having planned it, I rode past the Nakagin Capsule Tower. Last time we lived here, we spent a night there or at least were planning to do so…. You can read about it here.
And here my next wow-moment. This area is where the famous Tsukiji wholesale fish market used to be….
Apparently, they planned to use this empty space during the Olympics 2020. I wonder if this event will ever take place…
View over the Sumida river from the Tsukiji bridge towards the Kachidoki bridge.
View of the Tokyo Skytree which is not far from where I live.
And finally a well deserved coffee and a scone at Nui, a hostel bar close to my home

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