Garlic, squid and rice

No, I won’t be talking about a Japanese dish I ate. Also not about some newly interpreted Japanese recipe for calamari risotto. I will show you some beverages we stumbled upon lately…

No. 1: Shari Cola from Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi is a fun conveyer belt sushi place. We recently went to one of their new stylish locations in Tokyo. I didn’t know what drink to order. So I ended up ordering this cola because it sounded interesting. And it definitely was interesting. It’s a milky white cola made from malted rice. Quite nice actually. Not just to look at but also to drink it.

Shari Cola
Kura Sushi @ Rox Departmentstore near Senso-ji in Asakusa, Tokyo

No. 2: Ika Sumi Cider

You might think it’s just another cola. But it only looks like a cola and it’s actually a cider. A cider from Hachinohe, the town of squids coloured with squid ink of course :-)

Ika Sumi Cider

No. 3: Taccola

Now, this last one is definitely the weirdest one. A cola to which they added garlic powder….!!!!

As a known garlic hater you can imagine that I did’t try this one. Even though in an interview the inventor of it explains: “There are a lot of people who have told us that we’re crazy thinking a drink like this tastes good and that everyone else will think it sounds horrible. But amongst the people who start off saying ‘Oh that sounds gross’ and end up buying the drink to try it. By the time they finished it, even the people who still don’t like it have a smile on their face and have enjoyed the fun of trying the drink. The fun of the product, the enjoyment of trying something a little bit crazy is kinda what we were aiming for when we made it.

Taccola – garlic cola

In case you get a taste for it, there were many more products made with or from garlic… Heaven for garlic lovers.

Garlic, garlic, garlic

Why not start your day with a garlic coffee? ;-)

Garlic coffee

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