Trainy day

JR East offers special train passes with which you can ride for three consecutive days on all JR East trains including the Shinkansen trains.

We decided to make the most of it and take a trip up to Aomori. Normally, the train ride from Tokyo to Aomori takes about 3 hours with the Shinkansen. However, we planned a detour via Akita and from there, continued our trip with the “Resort Shirakami”, one of the so called “joyful trains“. Therefore, we left Tokyo at 9am and only arrived in Aomori at 7.30pm :-)

Here some impressions:

Merchandise articles at the train station. My favourite: the train masks :-)
First glimpses of snow
Train station Akita
Akita drink
How to behave at the Akita train station
Back in the train
“Joyful train” ride along the coast
Arrival in Aomori

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