Shakey shakey

For the second time now, since I’m here, my apartment started shaking while I was at home.

The first time, I was in the bathtub and as the bathtub is not attached or built in, it felt as if it wanted to topple over. The water stopped running. I heard some rattling but nothing fell down or broke. And then it was over and the water was on again. I was not really scared. Not until I saw that J had called to see if I was OK :-)

This time I was sitting at my desk waiting for a call. Looking out of the window, I could see and feel our building moving. Again, just a few seconds, a quick scare and over it was.

On the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency they reported a magnitude of 4.6 at the epicenter of this earthquake with no risk of tsunami. So, all good, I think. At least here and till the next time.

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