I feel like we produce more trash here as at home.

There is much more convenience food available – and I must admit that we buy it because our kitchen is so minimal – and you always get disposable chop sticks, mini servings of soy sauce, moist napkins etc. with it. And of course everything ends up in a plastic bag to be carried home.

Generally, foods come in smaller servings. As a dietitian I like that a lot. The downside however is the increased waste of packaging materials. On top of that, many things come in some protecting packaging that I don’t really think is necessary. For example individual apples, pears, citrus fruits or strawberries are sold like that in the supermarkets.

IMG_4874 IMG_4873

IMG_4872Fragile things like glass bottles will be additional wrapped at the check-out. In the photo you can see a plastic bowl of cut fruit wich the cashier has put in a plastic bag (it might leak…) with a small bag of ice (to keep it fresh) and how she is about to pack our groceries. Wonderful service, but again, at home we’ll throw these wrappings away…

IMG_4876At least they seem very conscious with recycling. Most trash bins have separate containers. And sometimes they even mark them in English. Otherwise we never know what to throw in where… :-)



Next to vending machines you can always find a recycling box to throw in PET bottles and cans.



And at supermarket you can also dispose of many things such as food trays or tetra paks. But don’t think that you can just throw them in as they are. You are expected to flatten and clean them. As for PET bottles, labels and lids are collected separately.

IMG_4856With the apartment we received plentiful information how to proceed with which materials and when/where they are collected. Our whole front door is covered with it…


Monday and Thursday morning we can put out the normal trash in front of the so-called trash hut.

IMG_3148Wednesday mornings we can put the bags filled with plastic for recycling (including the lids and labels of the PET bottles).

Paper and cardboard is collected every Friday morning. But not by the city. Therefore we have to put it somewhere else.

PET bottles, glass and metal is collected at a different place again. It’s a permanent collection station with containers to put the things in.


All the collection points are within 20 to 50 metres from our house. So no problem with that. The only issue is that we should only put it there in the morning and we’re not always getting up or get out early enough before they collect it. But luckily we have a balcony for those times….

There is just one thing I haven’t seen yet. A place where you can bring your food waste either for composting or bio gas production. But I’m sure it’s somewhere….

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