Where’s the toilet?

I remember a photo exhibition back in Australia about Japanese public toilets. I thought it was quite funny but really only understand it now. Japan is THE land of public toilets.

You never have to look for a toilet. There’s always one or more close. A few are squatting pits but mostly they are modern toilets with sound effects, deodorant and cleaning features, automatic or sensor flushing etc. For mothers (and I guess also fathers?) they have foldable seats in the corners to park the kids while on the toilet.





IMG_2920Even in trains they don’t only have toilets but even pissoirs for men.


Most of them are not even public toilets but privately owned and managed toilets for the public. There are toilets in every train or metro station, in every department store, in every convenience store (which means every 50 meters or so), in every park, in every this and every that. And they are all clean.

I cannot imagine how Japanese tourists feel when they go abroad. I hate how in Switzerland you almost have to be a detective to find a toilet nowadays. And if you want to find one which is clean and for which you don’t have to pay it even gets worse or almost impossible…. A pity!

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