When I first read about capsule hotels – many years ago – I knew I wanted to try it out one day. And finally this day arrived! Well, actually it was a night…

I was researching the capsule hotels in Tokyo and didn’t really find one that I thought looked nice or cool. But I found one in Kyoto which I fell in love with instantly – 9 hours. I didn’t want to go to Kyoto for just one night in a capsule hotel, but I saw that they also opened a hotel at Narita Airport.

Perfect! Last Friday, my parents arrived at Narita Airport at 9am. We would have had to catch quite an early train to be there on time, so I booked us 2 capsules – one for each of us – from Thursday to Friday.

We took a train to the airport, got off at Terminal 2 and just had to follow the signs.


IMG_4027 IMG_4028IMG_4043Upon check-in we got a locker key and a mesh bag with two towels, slippers, a night-dress, toothbrush and toothpaste.

IMG_4030Then J and I had to go separate ways. I took the door to the right of the reception, he took the one to the left. We only met again in the morning at check-out.

IMG_4042I arrived in a large room with lockers on each side and a bench running along the whole room in the middle. I put all my things in the locker, undressed and put on the provided night-gown and the slippers. Through a door on the far end of the room, I walked through a small connection zone with and arrived in a second room with similar proportions as the first one. But here toilets on one side, wash basins and hair drying facilities on the other side. All extremely clean and very quiet. There were some women getting ready to sleep but no one spoke.

IMG_4040Continuing straight ahead I would have found the showers, but I just prepared for going to sleep, went back to the connection zone and took the door to the capsule room. Again a very long room, situated parallel to the locker and toilet rooms. Dimmed light. My capsule was number 40, same as my locker number and also indicated clearly on the floor. I had a bottom capsule and didn’t have to climb up the stairs.

IMG_4035That’s looking into the capsule.

IMG_4031 That’s looking out with the screen open….

IMG_4032 … and here with the screen shut.

IMG_4033I felt very snug in the capsule. Not at all confined. A comfy mattress, a cushy pillow, a warm blanket and two switches – one for the light, the second for a sound of waves coming and going. That’s it. I loved it!!!

And I just found out that you can book rooms in the building which inspired the capsule hotels. The Nakagin Capsule Tower. I think we have to go there too!

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