Our living room

I’ve talked about our kitchen, now you will get to know our living room which is actually more of an office. Think of a room with a wooden kitchen table and a small couch in the center and about 50cm of space on all 4 sides. The couch is facing the balcony and we are sitting on the small sides of the table, looking at each other. That’s it! Can you picture it?

It’s separated by the kitchen only by a three-part sliding door wall. We hardly ever close them shut because the kitchen only gets natural light from through the living room.

IMG_3360This is my side. The left side. We went to buy a screen and a printer. Doesn’t it look like a real mini office? :-)

IMG_3353IMG_3364Both, screen and printer, created a few problems at the beginning but work smoothly now. Every time I installed the printer, my laptop couldn’t be started anymore after the first shut down following the installation. Very strange. We had to restore the whole operating system and all my data from my external hard drive. Luckily, I do quite frequent backups and therefore didn’t lose much. But we couldn’t make it to work. James had (and actually still has) the same problem with his laptop but with a different printer from his university. We don’t have any idea what it is and Apple could not help us either. I talked to them through a chat programme and we also went to the Genius bar at one of the Apple stores here. They have no clue what it could be and what to do about it… Strangely, when installing a generic printer driver instead of the official one, it works. At least partly. I can now print b/w even though it’s a colour printer…. Well, I can live with that.

The screen also acted up a bit. It was working for 2 or 3 weeks but after that my laptop wouldn’t want to recognise the screen anymore. It kept saying “no signal” on the screen. However, cable and screen worked fine on J’s laptop. Suddenly, for a day or two it started working again but only to stop again. We then bought a different adapter (HDMI instead of Thunderbolt) and now all is fine. Touch wood!!!

Back to the room. This is my collection of favourite packagings. They’re on the wall behind my desk.

IMG_3355 And this is the view from my side. When the sun is shining, which it does quite often.

IMG_3365J’s sitting on the opposite side. But mostly he uses the fridge in the kitchen as standing up desk and his side is only used for piling things…

IMG_3354That’s his collection. No food packaging but exhibition posters :-)

IMG_3356And that’s our couch. We don’t really use it often. At least not for sitting…. But it comes in handy for folding clothes.

IMG_3357That’s it for now. Next, I’ll present you our bed room.

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