Brocki shopping

When walking or riding through Tokyo, I haven’t seen many Brockis (thrift stores) yet. There are many second-hand shops for clothes but hardly any generalised thrift stores. A pity! Maybe Japanese people don’t like to buy the “trash” of others.

Luckily, there is one not so far from where we live. It’s only small. One room, maybe 25m2. Very cramped that you have to pay attention not to touch something with your bag when moving through the store. But that’s also the great thing about it. Everywhere you look, you see something. And when you look again, you see something else you haven’t seen before. Heaven!

It’s run by some old men who sit behind a screen playing a board game. The first time I went there one of them came out and handed me a cup of hot black coffee. And they tried to talk to me but of course I didn’t understand :-(

Then this really strange thing happened. I was sifting through the stuff they had put outside on the street and one of them came to show me something I might like. It was hidden behind or below something else. He grabbed a small red suitcase and opened it.

IMG_3025And in there were these Chaschperli puppets! I was stunned. At home in Switzerland I have a collection of maybe 100 or more of those. How strange that he would just show me those…. Maybe because they were the only Western things he had in his shop. But still.

He wanted 3000 yen for them which is an OK price but I hesitated and didn’t buy them. Of course I couldn’t forget them. So, a few weeks later I went back and would have taken them, but I couldn’t find them anymore. What a shame!

Instead I found this funny metal box.





IMG_3637  IMG_3636  IMG_3635And J stumbled over this cool WatchMan. If we could still get TV on air in Switzerland we would have bought it. But those times are gone…



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