Wald 9

Wald 9 is a large cinema complex in Shinjuku we went to see Interstellar yesterday. Quite an experience….!

The movie started at 10 to 6. We arrived at around a quarter to 6. Entering the building there were about 5 ticket machines. On a touchscreen we could choose the film (Interstellar), the screening time (5.50pm), the number (2) and type (1 adult, 1 student) of tickets and the actual seats. After 1 minute we had our tickets. Very efficient.

We then had to queue in front of the elevator because Wald 9 is situated on floors 9 to 14. We missed the first elevator because it was too full. Japanese people were still squeezing in, but we didn’t dare doing that. We missed the second elevator because we thought, it didn’t stop on the floor we wanted to go. I think we took the third or fourth one and realised that we still ended up in one that only went up to floor 9 and not 11. Well nevermind, floor 9 was the main entrance to Wald 9 and from there we could go up the escalators to floor 11. By then it was past 5.50.

Both of us thirsty and hungry, we had wanted to get something for during the movie. But not much to choose from on floor 11 and no more time to go down to floor 9. Actually the drink station was already closed but a guy working there felt sorry for us and came to serve us. So I ended up buying a large cup of iced coffee to kill the hunger.

In the cinema it was already dark and the trailers had started. We found our seats and settled. After a few more trailers, the movie started. And how it started. Soooooo loud! I had to cover my ears. And it stayed like that till the end. As long as they only talked it was ok, but as soon as the music came on it became unbearably loud. So I had to cover my ears maybe three-quarters of the film. As the film lasted almost 3 hours that was more than 2 hours of ear covering. And I mean really cover. I had to strongly press my fingers on my ears. My ears were sore afterwards!

I don’t know if all films in Japan are screened so loud or if it was only this one. But we were the only ones covering our ears. The Japanese people around us didn’t seem to bother. Well, next time we are going to the cinema I am taking ear plugs with me….

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