Happy Advent Season to Everyone

It’s Advent calendar time! Somehow I haven’t seen any Advent calendars here in the shops. But I might not have looked good enough. I only saw one yesterday behind the reception of Boy. Yes, J also went there to cut his hair.

As I don’t have my whole crafting arsenal at hand here, I made a very simple one. From almost the first week of being here I started collecting our toilet paper rolls. But of course we didn’t make it through 24 rolls, so I had to think of something else and decided I would also make plastic bag fortune cookies.

And here it is. Tada! Hanging from the ceiling in our office/living room.

IMG_3531Those are the toilet paper roll gift containers – cool word :-) Some are not filled yet and therefore still open on the bottom.

IMG_3527 And here are the fortune cookies made from one of the thousands plastic bags we keep taking home.


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