Another yummy fish dinner

My apologies for writing so much about eating. But everything is so different here and me being a dietitian, I just cannot help….

Yesterday we had dinner with a Japanese painter who had lived in Germany for many many years and a colleague of hers from university. She chose this very nice fish restaurant in Takadanobaba.

Sorry again for the quality of my photos. They are all blurry this time, as it was a bit darkish inside and I don’t have a flash….

IMG_3437We were led into a private room (they had two of them) with a low table for four and four cushions around. You could kneel or sit normally, as there was room beneath the table.

This was the menu. The circled items are the recommendations of the house. Looks very beautiful, doesn’t it? But no pictures…. So J and I would have missed out on a lot of delicacies without our Japanese friends.


IMG_3422They always ordered one, two or three items at a time, these would be freshly prepared and served, we would eat and then order more.

This was our appetizer to shorten the time while we were waiting for our first order. A steamed radish topped with fish, miso and more.


A sashimi platter with 4 different types of very fresh fish. Tuna at the top, mackerel with the skin, bonito one of the remaining two and some other fish.

IMG_3425 Roasted asparagus with mayonnaise.

IMG_3426 Sweet potato and shrimp salad deliciously dressed with fresh herbs.

IMG_3427 A smoked and grilled fish.

IMG_3428 Another grilled fish…

IMG_3430 … including the eggs! Neither J nor I dared trying …. :-)

IMG_3431 Bread and crackers with a mushroom fresh cheese paste.

IMG_3429Roasted leek. You take off the charcoaled layer and eat the inside.

IMG_3432 Miso cheese cubes.

IMG_3436 Rice balls wrapped in chard leaves.

IMG_3435Thank you Etsuko for taking us there!

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