Our kitchen

I haven’t talked much about our apartment yet since we moved in. In this earlier post you can see how it was advertised. The floor plan is mirrored, so don’t get confused :-)

I will start with the kitchen as it it the largest room and kind of the center of our flat. The door goes to a tiny hallway to the bathroom and the front door.

IMG_3275 IMG_3276

The fridge not only serves to cool foods but also as a standing desk for J.IMG_3277

Below you can see our cooking stove. Just two gas burners and a tiny mini oven. I probably won’t be baking Christmas cookies this year. Or only 10 pieces a time…

But as anything is so readily available here. Everywhere, at any time and in numberless choices, we don’t really cook that often. We mostly use the stove to heat water for tea and coffee and the oven to toast bread or grill peppers.

IMG_3280The most interesting part – I think – is the sink. It has a much bigger hole in it than we have in Switzerland. And it has many layers. It took us some time till we arrived down to the last one.

IMG_3283These are the different filters and things we found so far….

IMG_3284That’s how the hole looks when it’s bereaved of all its layers.

IMG_3285Here I added the first part. Some kind of lid to cover the drain.

IMG_3286Now the drain with the metal sieve.

IMG_3287Now with the yellow plastic sieve.

IMG_3288And finally with the top sieve.

IMG_3289But somehow all these sieves and filters still get clogged down to the last one all the time. So you can buy these nets which promise to keep the solids from being flushed down. At least that’s how I read the packaging….


IMG_3291So, here the picture where you can see the final set up. In case you wonder if it works, no, it doesn’t!


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