A bob from Boy

Every couple of years I think I have to grow my hair. But everytime I get there I realise it just bores me. This time it was as long as I haven’t had it for years. Maybe since I was a teenager. But it’s just not me.

IMG_3170IMG_3154I needed to get rid of it. So I checked the internet for hairdressers in Tokyo and found Boy. I liked the website and thought I give it a try. I rode there and wanted to make an appointment. But no need. I could just sit down. Oups, lucky I had already thought about what I wanted… a bob!

And a bob is what I got. That’s Tanaka cutting my hair. He spoke a bit English so we were able to talk. I learned that hairdressers work 6 days a week. The shops only close on Tuesdays. And if I understood him right, they work from about 10 or 11am to about 9 or 10pm! I hope they have some long breaks they can take during these long days!!


IMG_3179And that’s how I look now. Sorry, I know, it’s seriously overexposed and blurry. But that’s the best I could do and I think you get the picture. Definitely less boring :-)


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