Sunday ride

Today was another beautiful autumn day. Sunshine. Blue sky. A bit chilly. We got on our bikes and rode along the river that runs by close-ish by our house.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-16 um 19.12.17On both sides of the river there are walking paths but mostly you are also allowed to use them on biycles.

This was taken close to the start. The skycrapers you can see in the back are from Shinjuku.

IMG_3118That’s later on north of Shinjuku. There’s more trees along the path. It’s a beautiful and relaxing ride. No cars. People walking, jogging or riding. Birds chirping. Cats watching the people and birds.

IMG_3121Somewhere along the way we drove past this colourful installation. There were two desks where kakis were being peeled. We didn’t see any people. They were either already finished for the day or taking a break or not working because it was a Sunday. The skinned kakis were strung on a cord and hanged to dry in the air. The kakis you see in the front are still fresh, the darker ones in the back have already dried, darkened and shrivelled. I’m not sure if they do that for decoration or to eat them later on during winter. Generally, there are many kaki trees in Tokyo and also citrus fruit trees.


IMG_3130IMG_3131Passing the Nakai station we stopped at Café Mirage. It looked very cosy and warm. We went in to drink a coffee and refueled with energy to ride home.


IMG_3132That’s all for today! Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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