Raku Bio Café

Just around the corner from where we live there is the Raku Bio Café. It’s tiny – just a bar with a couple of chairs and 3 small tables to sit 2 people each. It’s only open for lunch.

IMG_2957Somehow J found out that it’s vegan and organic. So one day, we went there around midday and ordered lunch. There is no big list, just the menu of the day.

For starters we got this green drink. Wow, we thought, but it tasted totally different than expected. It tasted like a banana shake. Very yummy!

We’re not sure what gave it its colour. We assume spirulina algae.

IMG_2949Then we got this soup with algae. A bit salty but also very nice.

IMG_2954And finally she brought us this full plate of freshly prepared delicious dishes. Not only one. We each got such a plate!

I start at 12 o’clock: fresh salad. 2 o’clock: tofu with mushrooms and vegetables in a broth. 4 o’clock: mushroom risotto. 6 o’clock: burger made from lotus root and filled with a soybean mash. 7 o’clock: green capsicum filled with a seasoned soybean mass. 8 o’clock: mix of fresh herbs and vegetables. 10 o’clock: mediterranean mix of vegetables. Center: Sweet potatoe salad with mayonnaise dressing. Sauce: No idea, what it was, but very nice!

IMG_2956Additionally to the chopsticks we got some other cutlery. You can best see them in the photo with the soup. But we didn’t know how to use it or for what. So we just ate everything with the sticks.

And that’s how it looked when we were finished. Actually, I wasn’t able to finish it. It was so yummy, but so filling.

IMG_2959We’ll go there again!

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