Our new bikes

Yay, that’s our new bikes!! The first one is mine, the second one belongs to James now. They are used but are fixed and everything. They come with basket, rack and stand. They even have dynamo powered lights. Everything you can wish for :-)



We bought them in this cool shop I found on the internet. It’s called Recycle Garden Yoyogi. They sell bikes and many many other things. One of the employees spoke English. So we were able to test the bikes and ask questions.

By the way, on Friday we are starting with Japanese lessons. It’s just soooo embarrassing to look at your vis-à-vis with big eyes understanding nothing and to mainly speak through gestures. And I’m not a good enough pantomime…



J actually favoured this foldable bike – branded as a Mini – which he could take on the trains but it was just too small for him. So he ended up buying a normal one. But who nows, he might buy a second one….

IMG_3010Another fantastic thing about this shop is, that they fill in the compulsory registration for you. Otherwise we would have needed to organise that ourselves. Somehow…. somewhere….

IMG_3012 And look at the lock! So tiny! But apparently that’s enough.

IMG_3020The only problem we have now is that we don’t have a (legal) parking spot for them in our street. Parking seems very restricted. I hope we won’t get fined! Fingers crossed!

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