My first noodle soup

Step 1: Choose the location

Well, this could take some time as there are thousands of these little restaurants everywhere. And not just on the groundfloor, but also in the basements and on any upper floors. But, we were so hungry and so tired, we just entered one. Otherwise we’d have noticed that there weren’t any chairs for our tired legs….

IMG_2607Step 2: Choose the soup

This is easy, because you don’t have to read the menu. You can just look at it. But it’s also difficult because there are so many yummy choices. Also vegetarian ones.

IMG_2600Step 3: Pay the soup

For this you just press the button with the number of your soup, insert the money and take the ticket. How funny is that!


Step 4: Order the soup

Go to the bar and give the ticket to someone in the kitchen and choose between two types of noodles: Udon or Soba. Sorry, I didn’t dare to take a photo of the kitchen because it felt too intrusive.

Step 5: Enjoy!

The one in the front is my one. Soba noodles in some soy broth topped with algae and spring onion tempura. The one in the back is J’s side dish. Rice with pumpkin and shrimp tempura. And additionally he also got a bowl with soba in broth. A big meal!

IMG_2604 Step 6: Drink water

If one is thirsty there are these taps where you can pour yourself a glass or two or three of fresh cold water. For free of course. Not like in Switzerland…. ;)

IMG_2605Step 7: Give way to the next customer

After eating you put your bowl on the bar and let the next ones get their soup. It’s a never ending turnover.

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