Last day at work in Switzerland

Today was my last day to be working from Switzerland. Next week I’ll be travelling to Japan to join James who has been staying there for already 6 weeks. Yay!!!!

To say goodbye to my colleagues at work, I thought of either organising a sushi lunch or baking something with a reference to Japan. As we all have a sweet tooth at the SSN, I went for baking a green tea cake. Thanks to the Matcha green tea powder it got this lovely and kitchy green colour. If anyone would like to recreate it, here’s the recipe: Gr√ľner Teekuchen. It’s totally easy and quite yummy. At least there wasn’t much left when I left the office….

IMG_2553And then I also got spoiled by my lovely colleagues! Such a cool suprise!! Thank you very much again!! They all got me something which they expect me to miss or need the most. And of course to make it impossible for me to forget them during my stay in Japan :-)


Interesting to see these items and to think that they kind of represent my personality….

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